TL trans

To make the international business proceed smoothly, it is very important to cooperate with reliable partners in the transportation industry.
TL Trans, that is located in Kruunupyy in the Ostrobothnia region, is a reliable and safe partner.
We can manage both large and small shipments, transport of dangerous goods, temperature-controlled transports in Finland and from Finland. It is possible to get our freight forwarding and warehousing services, as well as documents related to transportation through us. By offering door-to-door service, which means that the same lorry loads and unloads the goods, we are avoiding unnecessary loadings that can harm the goods. By avoiding unnecessary loadings we are able to deliver the goods faster than the competitors because the goods are all the time on the move. The same person will work with the transfer until the end and is thus able to provide answers to customer questions quickly and if necessary, for example, to take a direct connection to the driver